Tutorial Gameplay

Tutorial time!

A couple of weeks ago we mentioned Lunar Soil’s tutorial. We have only implemented its core mechanics in white/gray-boxed levels; no fancy graphics yet!

Summary of this week’s devblog

  • New video devlog
  • The tutorial
  • The lost IGS Keys
  • Blog on medium
  • The sun and ocean

Video Devlog

Check out our latest video devlog where Vendela shows the tutorial’s core mechanics:


The Tutorial

When you have created your alias, and finished the personality test you will be able to go through a tutorial (you can of course skip it as well), learning the main mechanics that will be needed in the game. You will for example learn how to mine, command your crew and how to build. The tutorial is dived into several rooms where the different skills are practiced. In order to proceed you will need to finish the tasks in every room. The tutorial will of course be more stylized later, especially the moon walking room which will be bigger with a more moon-like atmosphere.


Welcome to the tutorial
Welcome to the tutorial


In this tutorial room, a key is needed to open the door
In this tutorial room, a key is needed to open the door


The Lost IndieGameStand-keys!

A while ago in the darkness of Mordor an indie retailer fell down, slipped and couldn’t get up. Indiegamestand lost control of itself. They posted a pretty poor message here about it.  We had indeed a couple of keys up on their store for our space exploration game RymdResa. We actually never received any revenue from their sales (however, the RymdResa copies they did sold where not that many). When Indiegamestand shut down all our keys leaked. Standard practice would have been to remove and block these keys. But there was one major problem. We had lost the keys (we thought) on an old disk! This week the keys emerged while cleaning an old hard drive (!!) So we did the bittersweet satisfying act of blocking them.


That's a lot of pirates! OK bye
That’s a lot of leaked keys! OK bye!


Blog on medium

We also started sharing our blog on Medium. We actually had a blog there before, but wanted to have our own here instead; but a click of a button we now share it over there as well (if Medium is your thing, check it out: https://medium.com/@morgondag)

We also share our posts over on the indiedb site – http://www.indiedb.com/games/lunar-soil/articles It’s the same content, the only difference is the location.


The sun and ocean

We went to the beach today and picked up some vitamin D, we really enjoyed the sun! We also ate a vegan strawberry and tofu salad with some peanut butter sauce, super tasty.


Some nice sand dunes
Some nice sand dunes


Enjoying the ocean and the sun
Enjoying the ocean and the sun


Glittering ocean
Glittering ocean


//K & V




  • Read halfway through the IndieGameStand post before I realized that I actually had some games on there… fuck me :I

    It really sucks that so many of the awesome indie-sites just got thrown out the window – Im still hoping and waiting for Desura and IndieRoyale to return. Bought a crazy amount of bundles on there so it’d be nice with access to alle the drm-free games again.

    Definitely made me more careful about where I’m buying my indie-games if they’re also given out drm-free.

    But yeah, awesome that you banned those steam keys! Its so tiresome to keep hearing about stolen steam keys and such – So always nice to see them get banned! 🙂

  • Thanks!
    I think the best way is to buy directly from the creators, humble widgets has been helping a lot of developers with that. DRM-Free is still important to have there must be some kind of trust.
    We are tinkering on a solution that might work best for us that we talk about soon 😀

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