The arcade game, build mode and bad cars

Spacebase 19

We worked on bringing you a new awesome arcade game and a really crappy car.

A quick summary of the week:

  • Build mode
  • Crappy car
  • Arcade
  • Free subscriber game!

We have a weeklong sale at the moment and its about to end real soon (5th of March). So if you haven’t already; go buy our bundle (it’s 46% off!). Leaving a review would also helping us tremendously. <3


Build Mode

We are fleshing out the build mode system that we wrote a little bit about last week. Now we got support for raising and lowering the buildings independently of the terrain which means that you can build a tower that is partly underground as long as the building requirements are met. We also added support for a simple thing; the possibility of moving the building closer and away from you as you build.

Let's build a lookout tower.
Let’s build a lookout tower.

Building kits are required to create buildings and these can be crafted, traded or simply found while exploring. Trading requires that you have an actual place for the trade-rocket to land.



Work in Progress, the crappy car/rover/whatever


Walking around on a moon is great! But it’s even funnier (and faster) if you drive! So we started implementing the basic requirements for transporting yourself and your crew. As you can see more work is required…

Some kind of Aladdin's carpet.. more work is needed.
Some kind of Aladdin’s carpet.. more work is needed.


The Arcade Machines

These lovely machines are spread out in the world of Lunar Soil and each hold a mini game! We now have a nice scene transition when entering and exiting the arcade machines.  When playing the arcade games you can try and win rewards in form of items (like a nice hat or bag).

Explore and find new arcade games in Lunar Soil
Explore and find new arcade games in Lunar Soil

Subscriber’s Free Game!

We worked hard this week to finish one of the arcade games, and we decided to release it as a standalone game! And give it away for free to everyone that subscribes to our newsletter!
You can subscribe to our newsletter over here. All of our subscribers will receive the game next week!


The game is done but we had some issues with moving our Unity License and we haven’t received words from the Unity support about that yet. So hopefully Unity will be able to resolve the issue next week.


The game is an small classic arcade turret defense game, but more on that next week.
Meanwhile, here is an awesome logo.

Free subscriber game next week!
Receive the free subscriber game next week! Signup to get it!


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