RymdResa trouble in Mac land – New patch available

RymdResa mac patch

We just released a new RymdResa patch.
The patch is mostly targeting Mac as we had a pretty strange bug there.


We have had this bug for a while now and some of you might recognize it. When you start the game we load a bunch of sprites and assets. On Mac, these files, sometimes doesn’t load at all and are reported as missing. This can happen when the program reach a max limit on how many files the program can read at once.


This limit should kick in at about 100 files or even more, but in our case it randomly appeared now and then. The ugly fallback hack was to simply re-init the application because then it would try to get the files again and eventually be able to read all the files!


This was fine if the process needed to restart once or twice. But with the recent Mac OS updated this could happen up to 20 times! And as a result the screen would flicker between black and grey looking like the application had crashed for good.


We fixed this now! We updated our framework to a more stable version in which some other smart people already solved this problem for us, so we just had to make it compatible with our stack.
However this introduces some problems for older version of mac OS.


If you get this swenglish message or your combination of english + any language Steam thinks it should display to you regardless of your OS settings;

OS Error? More like
OS Error? More like “upgrade your OS”

then grampa you’re running on an old OS version, it’s time to upgrade to High Sierra!

But But but what if I can’t?

Pfff! We just upgraded a +6 year old macbook air, so can you!
But i’m too lazy!
Fine! the old broken mac branch will be available on steam as well, just go under properties in Steam, go to betas and change to mac branch and the old versions should be there.


Right now we’re working on an imprint-X patch with some new levels, but again we have some different mac errors, possibly due to some changes to metal and one of our strange background shaders.
But for now, all we got is the not so useful error:

Native Crash – Mono JIT frame (Unknown File).


The hunt goes on. Also you should play our free minigame Spacebase 19 where you can take revenge on the evil RymdResa stones.

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