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16-bit Beat is now released and available to to all our subscribers!

Summary of this week’s devblog

  • Video DevLog
  • 16-bit Beat

Video DevLog

16-bit Beat

As you now by now we love making mini-games, earlier this year we created Spacebase 19 and BunnyMeme (they’re also free for our subscribes). 16-bit Beat is our latest little creation! 16-bit Beat is a pixelart and chip-tune inspired rhythm game! Follow the beat! Press arrows at the right time in the right direction to the songs.


16-bit Beat Arrows
Play through eight songs filled with challenging arrow combinations.



Some nice pixelart
the overworld, classical level-selector.


16-bit Beat also got some nice Discord integration. So you can share your level score in real time directly on discord.


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Playing 16-bit Beat


Read more about the game over here!


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