Certificate Dance of Death

Certificate Dance of Death! We are done with the new website and ready to get back into developing Lunar Soil  (kinda).

Summary of this week’s devblog

  • Video devlog
  • Morgondag.io
  • Installers and Drm-Free versions
  • Certificates Dance of Death
  • Discordians

Video Devlog


Most of the work with the new site is done now! We moved the blog to a new server but will keep this one until we release the new one which hopefully will be soon.


The first version of the store is done! Account and registration is working, secure downloads are mostly done, we still need code-signing though. GDPR compliant terms and services as well as private policy are in place.


Installers and DRM-Free versions

You will get both a Steam key and a DRM-free version when buying directly from us. So one important part for the new store is the new builds! We have actually never had a standalone installer for any of our games, we simply didn’t need that when having 3rd party stores. So now we’ve created both DRM-free versions without any steam-libs as well as installers for Windows.


For Mac and Linux there will still be zip files, if those platforms grow (current market-share of around 1% Linux and around 2% Mac at the moment) we might make something prettier in the future.



Certificate Dance of Death

So in order to avoid the horrible screen of blue Judge Dredd in Windows you have to actually sign your executable, that goes for the installer as well as our game files.


Ofc you can just disable Windows defender but that might not be such a good idea. When you install a game through any 3rd party store the actual game-files usually don’t need to be certified, witch by itself is quite strange and possibly insecure.


We’ve had a couple of speed bumps in order to get the certificate out from a certified certificate certifier so we can use the certificate to certify code signing…. Because of  bureaucracy.. ( say that quickly 20 times).


Apparently in 2018 you you need to have a telephone number associated with your company. We actually don’t have that as we are from the future, so we’re now travelling back in time to get one of those phones which we can associate our company with, please never call :-p


99 sales calls problems but a certificate verification call ain’t one.


We made a discord last week, and we’re now 26 happy but a little quiet discordians hanging around talking about pants, servers, code etc and listening to music together.

Come join us with a /tts hello there earth people 

The march of the Merchants and Forum

Morgondag Forums

Hear ye hear ye, forum is here! We are moving forward with the Morgondag platform; the march of the merchants has began!

Summary of this week’s devblog

  • Video devlog about the Forum & Discord
  • More about the Forum & Discord
  • The march of the merchants
  • Power grid and the generator

Video Devlog

Checkout us checking out the Forum and Discord. We also take a sneak peak on RymdResa’s store page! Comment and subscribe and tell us what you think! <3


The Forum and Discord

Progress on the new site and platform is coming along nicely. We looked into a couple of forum frameworks and landed on the one providing us with the easiest way to integrate our new account system. After looking at XenForo and other big ones, we landed on NodeBB as it provides a easy way to build a custom login connector. So now we’ve a working forum ready to go! We’re going to hold on to it a little bit more until we have the new site up as you can only register an account trough the new site.


We also made a Discord, we have had discord for some time now, but now we got a dedicated one over here https://discordapp.com/invite/68ENegm  Go in and say hello on Discord, it’s very lonely there at the moment! <3

The March of the Merchants

We are keen on finding the best way to supply merchs and things. We wrote about it last week. When we’ve opened our store and began to sale our games, the next step would be to add some sweet t-shirts to it! We have actually ordered some sample t-shirts now, we will see how they turn out and how well the shipping works. So we are super exited about that too!


In the long run it would be exiting to be able to ship some form of physical things with the game on it. Some form of wild 3D printed USB stick with Lunar Soil on it. And we do paint so canvas and paintings are not that far fetch to have in the future.

Power grid and the generator

So last week we showed some of the fundamentals of the power-grid for building in Lunar Soil. This week we worked on adding the generators.


In order to know how much energy the grid holds each connected power-line needs at least one generator. The generator will function as a way for players to see how much power is available/needed in the grid and for the game to calculate how much power is attached to the grid. The generator will search through all connected machines, calculate how much incoming power there is and distribute it to all the outgoing power needs. We designed the grid so that if there is a higher need for energy than is available the grid will stall.


Say we have two machines, one requires 4 energy and one requires 1.

  • We’ve attached 2 wind-turbines that produce a total of 3 energy.
  • The generator will calculate available energy in the grid.
  • The generator will also calculate the total energy needed, in this case 5 energy.
  • We are missing 2 energy which will cause a voltage drop in the generator; the connected devices will shut down.


All we need to do to get the system back online is  to just add another energy source if we have the resources. Or we can choose to not build a large connected energy grid but small substantiated ones instead, that is up to you when playing.

Electric power grid in space

Power grid in space

Sale, merchs, building system, payment gateway and pink level-design; what a week.

Summary of this week’s devblog

  • New couples’ videolog, with both of us!
  • Ending week long 50% sale.
  • Building with electric power in space
  • Upcoming merchs and shop
  • Payment provider problems
  • Unity 2018 – Substance Material

Video Devlog

Short but sweet, we finally found a way to fit two people in one camera!

RymdResa and imprint-X

We have a gigantic 50% sale on both RymdResa and imprint-X  over at Steam this week, up until monday morning.

Last minute chance to get the games on sale right now. (Help us spread the word <3 )

Building with electric power in space

A big part of establishing a new base on distant moons in Lunar Soil is of course the ability to build and take control of the areas’ resources. We’ve now added the first part of our energy grid. Effective resource mining requires machines, machines requires power, power can be transported through the grid. Each machine (like drills, refineries, pumps or others) consumes raw energy. Energy can be generated in a range of ways.


By connecting a solar-panel or wind turbine to a energy grid, the energy can  be used to power connected machines.


Connecting machines with power
Connecting machines with power


We worked on the build-system’s controls as they differ slightly depending if you play with mouse, keyboard or gamepad. We want to make sure that you can play with only mouse if you want.


The space electric grid on a distant moon
The space electric grid on a distant moon


Building is coming together
Building is coming together

Merchs and the upcoming shop

So we want to be able to do a couple of things with the new site and login system. One is of course to be able to sell our digital games and let you download them securely, the other is to offer some endorsers related to our games as well!


A t-shirt design from the graffiti found in the abandoned bunker in Lunar Soil
A t-shirt design from the graffiti found in the abandoned bunker in Lunar Soil


One crazy example we could do is to unlock a t-shirt in the store for your account only if you have visited that art-piece in-game. Doing that is kind of a stretch but it would be possible. :-p

Payment provider problems

We’ve had quite some problems with Braintree (the payment provider we picked). We were basically done with the implementation and was ready to do a production test. Then out of nowhere then decided to shut down our account without explaining why. We actually called them and asked and they seemed to have no clue. We can’t really work with a company that can’t communicate. We did some more research on Braintree and found many nasty reviews.


So instead of sitting down and waiting for them we switched to Stripe! It took some time to get their 3D secure card payment flow to work in a server-less environment but we got it going now. The big downside is of course that there is no built in support for Paypal. When we where done with setting up Stripe, Braintree sent a mail requesting pictures of our passports, company documents and access to our development environment and more over the top detailed information.  It would probably be best to stick with Stripe for now and add Paypal support later. Another fallback is to just use something like Klarna. A good shorterm solution would be to just give up and make a Shopify store but that’s not really what we want.

Unity 2018.1 – Substance Material

Unity finally released their 2018.1 version! It included a lot of loose and fluffy features, the release feels kinda rushed but it’s still nice to get new tools.


However, one of the biggest things for us was the deprecation of Unity support for Substance materials. Rip Shaderforge, hello unity material shadering thingy-mabobby-system or whatever they call it.


We have been using Substance for quite some time now and love it. Both designing our own procedural materials, finding high quality ones, painting textures etc. It’s a great workflow to create high quality textures. The problem with the deprecation is that we have lost all the references to our old materials. So 3d objects in scenes have simply lost all their materials. These materials need to be re-assigned…. Manually…


Luckily we have been gray/white-boxing lately but the bunker got hit hard! Will take some time to re-assign all the materials.


RIP Bunker materials
RIP bunker materials


RymdResa and imprint-X are 50% off

Discount Steam

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//V & K