The horrible ship

Horrible Ship fever!


Your horrible starter ship is here to stay!

Summary of this week’s devblog

  • Video DevLog
  • The horrible ship
  • T-shirts has arrived

Video DevLog

An eight-minute video devlog this week where we show off the horrible ship in Lunar Soil and your very first mission. We also explain more about the re-worked gameplay and the release -roadmap. Moreover we’re looking at the newly arrived t-shirts which will be available in the Store in a couple of weeks.


The horrible ship

Last week we talked about the re-worked gameplay in Lunar Soil. In this week’s video dev log we talk more about it. Lunar Soil is now an entirely exploration driven game, with focus on narrative, atmosphere, quests and characters.


The horrible ship is your starter ship and it’s pretty small, messy and broken. Watch the video above to see the player’s very first  acquaintance with it!


The t-shirts has arrived!

Today our t-shirts arrived! Watching today’s video log will give you a sneak peak of how they look. We’ll begin to sell them on our store in a couple of weeks! =D


Btw, register now on the new Morgondag platform and get the mini games Spacebase 19 and BunnyMeme generator for free!

New store is released

We got our own store now!  😀


New Morgondag platform and store is released! Check it out!

Summary of this week’s devblog

  • Video DevLog
  • New Morgondag Platform
  • New store
  • Bunny Meme generator
  • Design changes in Lunar Soil

Video DevLog

We drivel about the new store and show off the bunny meme generator, which will be available for all registering an account on the new platform. We would love if you let us know what you think about our Video DevLogs. All feedback is appreciated. Also let us know if there something you want us to talk more about. Got any thoughts or ideas? Let us know! =)


New Morgondag Platform

We’ve now released the new platform:


The new Morgondag platform got a forum, a store and also contains more details about the studio. Come and create and account and write something in our Forum.  Right now you receive a brand new Bunny meme generator when creating an account and you also receive  Spacebase 19  for free! In Spacebase 19 you’ll be able to get revenge on all those mean RymdResa stones. Having this kind of platform has been a dream of ours for a while and we would be super happy if you joined!


We sneaked released the new platform earlier this week for our Discord community, so come and join our Discord if you want super fresh news, direct contact with us, talk games or just want to say hello. We’re now 54 people hanging out there talking about everything 🙂


Bunny meme generator

We’ve created a tiny bunny meme generator, available for all creating an account on our Morgondag platform. It contains super cute bunnies! Wohow!  The plan is to release more free content and free games in the future, available for all with a Morgondag account.


New store

As you know,we develop and publish our own games. Buying our games directly from us is the best way to support us as no middleman is involved (which means that we earn more money for each copy sold). When buying a game directly in our own Store you will receive both a Steam key and a DRM free copy for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can of course also find RymdResa and imprint-X on Steam and Humble Store if you prefer buying games there.


Design changes in Lunar Soil

You might wonder why you haven’t heard about Lunar Soil for a while. One could say that we actually have had a small gamedev crisis. We noticed that we had two games in one which became a hassle both to play and to work with. And we kinda hit a wall. Something had to be done. So we’ve re-designed Lunar Soil quite much. The re-planning of Lunar Soil has been done by many hours of discussing. It has taken many late nights and car drives to rethink the Lunar Soil concept.  We had to rethink what game we want Lunar Soil to be. We had to ask ourselves what kind of games we really want to make and what we’re good at.  And something really great came out from it!


We’re super happy with the new Lunar Soil, which focuses very much on exploration, atmosphere and narrative. It’s fun to work on and its super fun to play. The new setup will mostly stay true to the previous screenshots but we’ll remove the management and building parts. It’s shaping up to be a nice space adventure!

Went to the beach

Beach day

Beach day! Yay yay yay! And we got the certificate, hopefully we’ll be able to launch the new store next week- well it depends on the weather ofc – if it’s too sunny we might not… 😛

Reaching The Great Plateau

Summary of this week’s devblog

  • Video devlog
  • Discord giveways
  • Delayed new site
  • Design changes in Lunar Soil
  • Reaching the great plateau

Video Devlog

We play imprint-X

Discord Giveaways

We’ve had some pretty nice discussions over at Discord about game development, design, philosophy, space, webdesign, Lunar Soil, games, Unity and getting stuff done. It’s really nice to see and share creativity with other people. We also had a couple of  fun steam key giveaways. We’ll probably have more of those in the future, so come join us.


Morgondag Discord Giveaway

Delayed new site

We’re still waiting for some technical things to come in place for the new site before we can ship it, unfortunately no ETA yet. Right now we are just waiting. =)


Design changes in Lunar Soil

There where a couple of problems with the way we designed the space station which is your main hub in Lunar Soil. See an early graybox/whitebox version of it here. The medbay or medical room functioned as a  resurrection area, if you happened to pass out by losing your health out on a mission you would then wake up onboard the spaceship again.


This prevented a couple of things. It removed some of the consequences of preserving and gaining fuel for your exploration ship as you could just try to die and get re-spawned at home with minimal penalties. It also prevents us from stranding the player on a distant moon.


So instead of a medical room we’re redesigning it to be a more advanced technical room with a late stage teleportation device. So if you research the appropriate technology and build a special device on a moon you will be able to get back easily. We don’t want to have that enabled at start as its part of the progression.


We’re also looking into the NPC characters that work on board the spacestation and how they play a role in your Space empire, more on that later on.

Reaching the great plateau

The main plan for Lunar Soil is still to reach a state of  pre-alpha which we can start sharing and in order to do that we need a meaningful plateau of gameplay. We want to have a minimal set of features ready when releasing the alpha and then add to it.  That requires a couple of things like patch-friendly save-data, enclosed levels, robustness in items, buildings, energy system,  character progression and your friendly AI crew will also need to be at a little bit more stable and ready.


The workload to reach that plateau is quite hard and slow as we’ve to finish a great deal of game systems. We’ve had a couple of vertical slices of the game in order to know and iterate on how the gameplay feels and behave.


So right now we’re planing what the first shareable plateau should contain, and hopefully it will be something we can share per invites on the Discord. Kill your design darlings and all that.


For the first plateau to be reached we’re looking into making the sulfur crater more or less feature complete as an area with resources to mine, interesting things to explore, environmental storytelling with the mysterious drill-cave. After that we need to finish the spacestation.