Hello worlds! Hello Humans!

Hello worlds! Hello Humans!
We might make a blog here! Yeah let’s see! So we had a blog thingy before on medium and then we used our newsletters like some kind of blog. We also had an indieDB page for that stuff when we made RymdResa. We also had this strange tumblr-page that actually still takes in Instagram posts.


We feel like having our own home for posts now, mostly with devlog stuff, game-design thoughts and maybe even some rants.
Right now we are working part-time on our next game Lunar Soil. It’s going great!


At the moment, we’re fighting our own AI creation. Making in-engine editor GUI:s and we just discovered that Unity’s in-game gamepad manager sucks (more about that later on).

We have a lot of systems in place right now but some are at a rather rough state, as you run around with a crew in the game (if you want) the AI system will probably be the one that brings us most weird or funny stuff.

Here is our two favorite AI bugs right now:


Problems With The suicide AI.


Spinning dancing AI.

Not sure if we are doing this once a week or whatever but stay tuned for more stuff! Anyway here is a cool Lunar-Soil gif!

Hello worlds with some new shades!
Hello worlds with some new shades!

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