Extracting resources in space

Abandoned space drill in Lunar Soil

This week’s devblog is about minerals, resources and using buildings to extract more advanced types of goodies.

Summary of this week’s devblog

  • New video devlog
  • The Abandoned Drill
  • Extracting resources
  • Buildings and energy


Video devlog

A closer look at the buildings used when extracting resources:

The Abandoned Drill

The moons will have different environments and secrets. When going to the sulfur crater you will be able to find a strange abandoned mining drill. Someone has been there before. You might find some clues on board the space station, perhaps someone might know what it’s all about.


In order to activate the drill and discover what is behind the wall you’ll need to place two power-cores or batteries on the connected plates. Power-cores or batteries (we haven’t decided yet) will be quite expensive to create but will be usable in a range of places.


We need to start the drill and finish the work
Start the drill and finish the work


Sulfur crater abandoned drill
It looks like some kind of rouge miner has been here before.


Extracting Resources in space

Mineral resources and materials in Lunar Soil is the backbone of the crafting and building system. You can manually gather materials with your tools, tell your AI crew to do it or create more advanced machines to do it for you.


Mineral and items are part of your global economy, you can gather materials on one moon, bring them to the space station in order to create new interesting machines on the next moon.


Crystals, node and gas work in progress
Crystals, nodes and gas, work in progress


Buildings and Energy

Some resources can’t be manually gathered, they require machines in order to extract the goodies (for example the gas nodes). Gas can be found on many of the moons in Lunar Soil. So to start gathering gas you first need to collect the resources needed to create a refinery. Once that is done you can create a refinery kit, this kit can then be used to call down or build a refiner on top of a gas node.


However, these machines require energy! Energy needs to be collected locally on the moon; you can for example collect wind power or solar power.


Create portable wind-power in Lunar Soil
Create portable wind power in Lunar Soil


Oil pump-jack can pickup a small amount of gas and slowly mine oil from the ground in some areas.


Pumping oil in space
Pumping oil in space


More advanced drills extract resources from the ground where you can’t use your tools.


Gas Refinery and mining drill
Gas refinery and mining drill


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