Monthly Archives: April 2018

RymdResa and imprint-X are 50% off

Sale time! Our games RymdResa and imprint-X are 50% off! Haven’t tried them yet? You should totally do! The best way to support our studio is to buy our awesome games.   Rymdresa is a rogue-like space odyssey in a procedural generated universe! Travel your way through a lonely and mysterious cosmos. Customize your ship, explore […]

The Spoon Problem and The New Website

We are making a new secure website and store: (not up yet)! Summary of this week’s devblog New video devlog The spoon problem Website stuff Video Devlog Vendela is recovering from a bad case of the flu so Kim takes some time to talk about spoons and the new webpage.   The Spoon Problem […]

Tutorial Gameplay

A couple of weeks ago we mentioned Lunar Soil’s tutorial. We have only implemented its core mechanics in white/gray-boxed levels; no fancy graphics yet! Summary of this week’s devblog New video devlog The tutorial The lost IGS Keys Blog on medium The sun and ocean Video Devlog Check out our latest video devlog where Vendela […]

Extracting resources in space

This week’s devblog is about minerals, resources and using buildings to extract more advanced types of goodies. Summary of this week’s devblog New video devlog The Abandoned Drill Extracting resources Buildings and energy   Video devlog A closer look at the buildings used when extracting resources: The Abandoned Drill The moons will have different environments […]